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My Approach

I am a humansitic, intergrative counsellor which means I have a broad backdrop of influences and understanding that informs my work but the client is always placed at the centre. In this way I can draw on a range of different therapeutic theory and approaches to best understand and serve my clients and their needs. I believe people are their own best resource in terms of healing, growth or change and that by facilitating the right environment for my clients, I can help them understand and reflect on what is going on for them; how they operate in the world and get in touch with what it is that they need from their life and relationships within the context of their own narrative. 

I sometimes work in a proactive way, drawing on creative therapeutic techniques such as art, play and movement as well as mindfulness and self-compassion. I try to work responsively to the client in front of me and go at their pace.  I work in both a long and short term way and after an initial discussion of your aims from therapy, we would decide upon the duration of our work within the first few sessions, allowing some degree of flexibility and review throughout.

I prefer face to face therapeutic work however, I can be flexible where necessary with online therapy. All face to face sessions are 50 minutes long 


I have trained at BCPC in Bath. This is known as the "gold standard" amongst training institutions. I am a member of BACP and am in regular supervision with a fully qualified and accredited supervisor with whom I meet regularly.

Some common areas of my work include:Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Spirituality, Creative Therapy, Inner Child, Dreams and the nonconscious. I am a big believer in Self-compassion and the power of taking control of our natural, but sometimes forgotten, ability to be aware and mindful with our whole being. My work is informed, amongst others, by Carl Rogers who prioritises the positive effects of the therapeutic relationship and I integrate into this person centred approach a range of theory including but not exclusively: Attachment theory, Gestalt Therapy, Freud, Jung, Existential, Transpersonal and Somatic Experience


Light and Shadow
My Approach
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